Lauren & Paul – Patchwork Ibiza – June 4th 2015


Tears, laughter, tears, laughter – above and beyond anything we could have expected – we are so emotional, we will cherish this forever – we cannot wait to show our family and friends. Absolute top banana, cream of the crop ecstatically over the moon xxx


And this was after watching with friends & family… We all got together last night for Wills birthday – (my pal that gave a speech) and sat down to watch the full length video and everyone commented on how amazing it was and so well edited – it brought down the house! We all shrieked with laughter and sobbed like babies!! We watched it this evening also with my Mum and step dad they are thrilled beyond words. I’ve had so many people say to me how the highlights look like it should have been Sam Smiths music video. (Song used was Sam Smith).


Fiona & Henry – Atzaro Ibiza wedding, May 2015

Garry, We have sat and watched the video and we are stunned, wow! It is amazing!

With tears rolling down our faces we laughed and pointed at almost every frame, thank you, you have captured our dream for it to be remembered forever.


Liez & Ryan – Elements Ibiza 16.7.2015

If this is our taster… I may need some time to compose myself before the main!! Me and Ryan cannot thank you enough for turning our special day into a fairytale we can share forever! You are such a lovely guy, and made the entire wedding party feel so at home. Your talent is off the scale! So greatful! X


Lauren & Ryan – Elixir wedding 15.6.2015



How can the longer version get any better???? I can’t thank you enough for doing such an amazing job!!!!


Holly & Paul – Villa wedding in Ibiza – 11.8.2015

Awwww Garry!!!!

I LOVE it!!! Can’t wait to watch the full one now!! You captured so much emotion and things we didn’t get to experience on the day we can relive them always now.


Laurie & Tim – Boutique Salinas – 1.8.2015

This is amazing!! Brought tears to my eyes!!!!

You’ve captured the day perfectly for us and we will always treasure it. So many amazing moments and we can’t thank you enough for making our wedding look like something we’d watch at the cinema.

So Beautiful!


Shyam & Anu – 2 day Indian/English wedding

We just watch the highlights version of the wedding film and It’s absolutely unreal. Take a bow amigo. We watched it with my mum and dad and it was an incredible moment to see all that you have captured in this short video. The music selection is on point and the vibe and happiness reflected in the video is fantastic. GREAT WORK and can’t wait to see the full version. Anu was in tears for most of it!


Hannah and Luke – Elixir shore Ibiza – 6.9.2015
Our initial worry was that a videographer would get in the way of the guests and be a bit strange, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Garry put us at ease straight away and everyone said what a lovely guy he was.
The video’s he has produced are seriously amazing and they are memories that we will have forever, it was the best decision we ever made to book Garry and I would recommend him to anyone!


Scott & Kerrie and baby Sofia – Villa wedding in Ibiza – 28.9.2015
Morning Garry,
WOW!! Mate you’ve done a seriously amazing job there we are both absolutely blown away..
Everything about it from start to finish, we are both in tears (again!) thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Cheers ace.



Claudio & Valentina from Italy – Puraveda Ibiza wedding, 28th June 2015

Garry your work is fantastic, we love our film. You’ve made our special day complete in a way only you know how.

Thank you so much.



Cheryl & John – Cotton beach club Ibiza wedding, 29th June 2015

Words cannot explain how much of a good job you have done with our wedding film, it blew us away.

Would be an understatement.


Kelly & Dan – Elixir Ibiza – 13th June 2015

We absolutely love the video Garry it’s awesome! I think I have watched it 100 times today, it’s perfect and captured the day brilliantly.

Thank you so much for helping us relive the moments we didn’t see ourselves on the day.



Sarah & Paul – Elixir Ibiza – 25th June 2015

Garry we watched the video last night and it is amazing, I cried my eyes out. I love the old film style footage you did using visuals with the words in the background, it’s such a nice way to watch our wedding film.




Gemma – Wedding to be held next year 2016

Garry, all your wedding videos are so incredible, your latest video from Lauren and Pauls wedding, is just so perfect! I am so glad that James and I were lucky enough to book you for next year, I feel so privileged that you will be there to capture our day!



Gary & Natasha Lucy – OK Magazine wedding in London at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge

OMG it is so beautiful Garry I’m so emotional here u have created something so special and so precious we cannot thank u enough for this amazing gift.



Sarah & Dave – Villa wedding in Ibiza – October 13th 2014

OMG I LOVE IT! It’s so nice, I Love it all. You captured everything and more, every little detail. You have done such a good job, thank you so much. I can’t stop watching it.



Irina & Ralf – Ibiza wedding – September 13th & 14th 2014

WOW Garry the film is beautiful thank you so much for doing a wonderful job. We didn’t imagine having such a beautiful video of our day. It feels like we’re watching a Love story at the cinema when we watch it. The colours are beautiful and the way you put everything together is just amazing.



Ocean Beach Ibiza – Acoustic sessions with the Lovely Laura

What a beautiful showcase of our acoustic sessions, thank you so much for your time and such a beautiful representation of what is one of our favourite events at Ocean Beach.



John & Ashley – Wedding video @ Puraveda Ibiza Wow Garry, this was emotional to watch. You captured our day better than we remembered it and caught all the moments I never thought we’d have, let alone in such a beautiful way as you’ve caught them It’s truly WONDERFUL! We’re forever grateful for your efforts.


Nikki beach Ibiza Garry Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity throughout 2014, you’ve been an inspiration for Nikki Beach Ibiza and have provided us with some amazing content to help showcase how amazing Nikki Beach Ibiza is. We look forward to you doing our world tour filming at many of our best locations around the world. Muchos Gracias


Danielle & Steve – Wedding video at Elixir Ibiza – June 2014  WOW Garry, it’s bloody fantastic!! We Love it!!! We’ll definitely be recommending you to everyone!!! We’ve had such amazing comments, even from people who weren’t thereto share the day!! The Highlights capture every special moment in such a beautiful way.. Very emotional!! Lol xxx


Jon & JoJo – Wedding video at Elixir Ibiza – June 2014

We have just watched the videos. They are absolutely amazing, we have all been crying- so clever what you did with all the readings esp the one about my dad. Such a great touch. Love it so much thanks a lot. It’s been the best buy of our wedding!

Emma & Simon Atkin – Ibiza Villa wedding  – May 2014

Hi Garry, we just watched the Highlights version of the wedding video and it’s perfect, it made us cry. It totally eclipsed our expectations, thank you so much for bringing our day to life!

Amanda & Damien West – Malta wedding – April 2014

Garry, we LOVE the pictures, they look amazing. We are eternally grateful for your efforts and love what you did with the cool film like slideshow, we did not expect that and everyone loves them. You’ve brought our special day to life forever for us, thank you so so much.


Lucy (Head of marketing at Experience London) – Video for the launch of the new BlackBerry smart phone range

WOW! Such an amazing video Garry, the client loves it. Very innovative and eye catching with all the elements covered in a fun quirky way. BlackBerry sent the video around all there offices worldwide and had a great response to it saying it was one of the best promotional videos they’d seen in BlackBerry. Thanks again!


Roo Hammer – Fitness video

This is AWESOME! Your vision to shoot this down at the beach using just what was on offer to give it a more authentic feel really made all the difference. The music you used for it and the editing are so good, I couldn’t have wished for a better video to show what I can do. Top man!


Joe Shephard – POD Staffing 2014 showreel This is perfect mate! Not only did you shoot most of the footage for us throughout the year but you’ve really brought it to life with all the information we wanted to have in a way I didn’t know was possible. Really amazing work, hats off to you for taking our business one step further than we’d had hoped for.


Laura & Aaron – Wedding video @ Elixir Ibiza Thank you so much!!!! We both love it, it’s amazing!!  We really hadn’t imagined having a video that we’d want to watch over and over again when we first thought about a wedding video but now we have it we can’t stop watching it, it’s just amazing. It’s one to share with the kids & Grandkids in the future.