Lifestyle is a series of short films all about inspirational individuals making a difference in the world of health & fitness.

From Personal trainers to Yoga teachers and everything in between, I want to focus on new ways of training and leading a healthy lifestyle not only with our training but the food you eat also which is so important.

This series will feature people making waves in there own respective industries trying to help pave the way for forward thinking healthy humans focussed on becoming fitter healthier and most importantly happier versions of ourselves and my vision is to help motivate you by creating stunning visuals that show you something a little different to your average hour at the gym.

I kicked it all off with Richie Norton aka The Strength Temple here in Ibiza when we spent a few days together and he showed me a killer all round routine for the great outdoors.

Here it is…

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Infin8 Images presents ´The Strength Temple´ fitness editorial featuring Richie Norton fitness from Garry McManus on Vimeo.

Amazonia Acai bowl – essential Ibiza from Garry McManus on Vimeo.