Infin8 images was born just last year in 2014  after I fell in love with making wedding films in Ibiza. 

I’ve always loved photography but since 2011 I fell in love with the artistic form all over again when I began filming. It’s the fusion of moving images along with the music that just evokes such emotion that I never felt with photography no matter how beautiful an image was and that’s what I love to portray when creating my films.

I specialise in wedding films which I find the most interesting and rewarding events to film. Knowing how much effort each couple put into making this day special, having all of there loved ones with them makes it extra special. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time.

The beauty of making wedding films is the knowing that this day only happens once in a couples life time and I want to create something so special that in years to come you can always watch your wedding film again and relive the day in an instant with all the happiness and emotion that was captured. This is what gives me the passion to create the best wedding films.

I really hope you enjoy what i’ve created so far and if you would like your own wedding film just drop me an email on the address below.

Muchos Gracias




Infin8 Images